I’ve been passionate about food for as long as I can remember. Whether it was working in restaurants or traveling the world and trying different foods, it was inevitable that I became a chef. But besides the food itself, I was curious about the healing power of foods. I wanted to really learn about and understand ingredients for their medicinal values and the role they play in fighting and preventing disease and also ensuring physical and mental health. It’s what led me to go to culinary school and also pursue a master’s in holistic health.

I’m often asked what makes my services unique compared to other chefs, nutritionists, and dieticians. For the most part, chefs are trained in ingredients and flavors while nutritionists and dieticians approach food within clinical and nutritional frameworks. As a personal chef, I approach food within those constructs too, but because of my holistic health and nutrition background, I’m equally focused on harnessing the medicinal components of food. I’ve spent years studying the healing power of food down to the base ingredient level and then working to create delicious dishes and diets that are fortified with other equally powerful ingredients to strengthen and heal the body. Furthermore, I actively seek and learn about new ingredients, foods and diets long before they become trends. I stay current on cancer and chronic illness related news and breakthroughs. Lastly, as a former social worker for HIV/AIDS patients, I think my natural empathy has allowed clients to not only share their lives with me, and I’ve been privileged to build not just professional relationships but lasting friendships.

As a firm believer and practitioner of holistic health, my hope for my clients is that they, too, embrace it as a lifestyle. Whether someone is battling cancer, other illness, or just trying to espouse a healthier lifestyle, I want to teach people to fundamentally change the role food plays in their lives. I want people to understand that good health isn’t just about reducing fat, sugar, and calories, but adding whole, clean, fresh and organic foods as much as possible. By treating food as something that works for us instead of against us, we’re better able to build and maintain healthier bodies, minds, and souls which, hopefully, leads to longer, happier lives.

Peace and good health!

Trudy Schafer

Personal Chef