Cancer Chef


I started cooking for clients with cancer early on in my career as a personal chef. What I quickly discovered – and what clients newly diagnosed with cancer rarely anticipate – are the harsh side effects chemotherapy and radiation treatments have in preventing one’s desire to eat, minimizing the type of foods one wants to eat and negating one’s ability to taste food at all, symptoms that often change throughout treatment.

Unfortunately, within the clinical cancer treatment process, enjoying food is mostly overlooked and disregarded, which is a shame because this is the time when the body needs nutrition the most in order to maintain weight, heal the body and fight the disease. So, I fill a critical niche in working with clients to not just map out unique food wellness plans, but creating food options that they can look forward to. There’s nothing more rewarding than solving that puzzle whereby a client, in the midst of chemo, cannot only taste food, but enjoy the act of eating again.