Personal Chef

Trudy has extensive experience working with clients adhering to the following diets. Whatever your dietary challenges or goals, please reach out to see how she can work with you!

This service includes menu planning, shopping, cooking, clean-up, and delivery if needed.


One time event or week-long retreats, Trudy can work with you to create a memorable food experience for you and your guests within your designated budget.

Cooking Classes

Learn about specific ingredients of your choosing, and then how to use those ingredients to cook and eat cleaner healthier dishes in a casual, hands-on setting.

Hosted in your home or online.

Consulting Services

Whether you’re a food entrepreneur looking to bring your healthy products to market or someone looking to redesign your diet due to chronic illness, cancer, or desire to eat healthier, Trudy is ready to work with you to create an individualized food wellness plan to get you on your way to recovery and long-term good health.

Cooking for Cancer

Trudy from The Healing Hearth has extensive training, experience, and knowledge when it comes to holistic food and cooking, especially when cooking for cancer or autoimmune diseases. When one suffers from one of these diseases, a healthy, holistic, and well-rounded is a great complement to traditional treatments.

If you or a loved one needs a personal chef in San Francisco, CA, during this trying time, turn to Trudy. She has years of experience and the necessary credentials to create the healthiest meal plan possible to assist you.

Your Trusted Personal Chef

Trudy focuses her efforts and energy into helping those in need. Eating a healthy diet and taking care of the preparation and cleanup involved can be highly difficult as you fight a disease. When you need assistance, Trudy will help you with every step of the process.

Continue reading to find out more about her services. If you have any questions, reach out by filling out our online contact form.